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Trunk Tracking Scanners Suitable for Australian Conditions
Uniden 245xlt Will Track Motorola & EDACS Trunking Systems
Uniden 780xlt Will Track Motorola, EDACS & LTR Trunking Systems
Uniden 3300xltWill track Motorola, EDACS & LTR Trunking Systems, it is also Digital APCO 25 Ready with optional digital card
Uniden UBCT-8 

Tips & Tricks for Trunk Track Scanning


You may be able to identify a trunking system by the control channel sound, a complete list of control channel sounds can be found
here Once you have found a control channel you may be able to find out the other frequencies for the trunking system by checking
the ACA online database normally the postcode/frequency search works best for this.

245XLT Tips & Tricks
If you own a 245xlt you may think you can only program the scanner with 10 trunking systems, in reality you can program heaps more
you can mix motorola 800MHz type 11 systems together in the same bank,(very handy if your area has a lot of small trunking systems) if you
dont want to hear one of the systems just lock out the control channel in addition to this you can also program conventional frequencies
You can also lock out all the trunking frequencies except for the control channel this is supposed to
make the scanner scan faster but remember the control channel may change & you may not hear a thing.

780XLT Tips & Tricks
If you own a 780xlt you can trunk 800MHz systems by just programming the
control channel a feature very handy if you dont know the voice frequencies. 

Further information on Trunk Tracking can be obtained from the following:
Melbourne Metro Scan Yahoo Group
Yahoo Trunk Scan Australia Group
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