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Melbourne Metro Scan
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SES Codes

Code Number Meaning
1 Accident (MVA)
2 Injured or Sick Person
3 Dead Body/Person
4 Drowning
5 Members Requires Urgent Assistance
6 Electrical Power Lines Down
7 Explosion
8 Road Obstruction
9 Premises Open - No Person on Site
10 Task to Difficult to Undertake
11 Missing Person
12 Telephone LHQ A.S.A.P
13 Local Flooding
14 Evacuation Anticipated
16 Require Ambulance at Scene
17 Require Police at Scene
18 Require MFB at Scene
19 Require Welfare
20 Vehicle Breakdown
23 Contact Utility Company ie. Power, Water, Telstra, Gas, etc.
L.H.Q Local Head Quarters
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC Estimated Time of Completion (of current task)
MVA or MCA Motor Vehicle Accident Or Motor Car Accident

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